Let’s face it: when it comes to finding the right people for your business or organisation there is a lot to take into account!

To achieve the best fit, a person needs to have the right mix of competencies and experience, be naturally motivated to do that specific job, meet the business need and, crucially, be aligned with the culture of your organisation.

When all your staff are the ‘best fit’ for their role, you have the core elements of a successful, supportive and productive workplace.

This is a philosophy that Red Hot Go recognises and embraces when helping you find and keep great people.


Personal Motivation-based Recruitment

We approach recruitment in a completely different way: while fulfilling our clients’ need is the overall goal, it’s how we go about this that really sets us apart. We don’t just look at competencies or where someone has worked; what we’re interested in is what innately motivates someone, how that motivation fits with the role on offer and how that will fit with the way in which you do business. We don’t focus on what someone can do, but what they are naturally motivated to do, day after day in the workplace.

There are no round pegs in square holes as a result of a Red Hot Go recruitment process!

We Do It Differently – With Our Clients

Each of our client cases are separate, end-to-end processes that are completely flexible. There are no one-size-fits-all template solutions as we recognise that each recruitment and onboarding process is unique, with different business needs and desired outcomes. We have no vested interests and will not recommend any business actions that will not be in the best interests of your organisation.

At Red Hot Go we work from a strong values framework that underpins each process and is backed up with conscious and respectful collaborations at every level of engagement. Essentially, we work as your own internal recruitment and people management specialist for the duration of the process, which is usually four to five months.

We Do It Differently – With Our Candidates

Red Hot Go doesn’t have a database of candidates. Each process starts from scratch and together we determine how and where the role will be marketed.

Our strong values approach is evident in our candidate management, where we maintain honest and open communication and provide valuable and insightful feedback to all candidate applications. We find this approach further improves the public perception of your company as a workplace of choice and fosters a positive experience, even if a candidate has not been successful in progressing to interview or been offered the position.