How can we fix a situation without resorting to dismissal? 

Some situations are clear cut. Others land right in that grey area where a staff member has done something completely inappropriate and needs disciplinary action. Although dismissal is an option you might feel that the transgression doesn’t require such a heavy handed approach, but you need to make sure that the same situation doesn’t arise again.

Common situations in which disciplinary action might be required include:

  • Cases of unresolved bullying or aggressive behaviour
  • Inappropriate behaviour towards another staff member


The difficult part of these situations is finding that mid ground between the extreme of dismissal and complete lack of punishment. .

How can Red Hot Go help?

Red Hot Go takes a unique approach to this difficult situation. We make sure that both sides of the story are heard and, most importantly, that all staff members have the processes in place to move on from the situation.


  • A resolution to the issue with full buy-in from all parties
  • Scenario planning with management to create a list of options
  • Selection of options based on key criteria and consultation with affected parties
  •  Implementation and follow up

Let’s get started!

We know that not everyone is comfortable with filling out an online form for discussing sensitive and confidential matters. Although we guarantee confidentiality, you are always welcome to contact Marita directly by email or phone, 0428 401 834.