How can we get CEOs, Executives and Senior Staff to change their behaviours? 

What do you do when the people who run your organisation are contributing to a lot of the problems within it? People in powerful roles usually excel in many areas, but can be quite lacking in others. The extra difficulty in causing behaviour shift in senior staff members is they are in charge of the systems that allow certain ineffective behaviours to perpetuate.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  •  A ‘senior club’ of executives that aggressively dismiss criticism or suggestion from others
  • A ‘do as I say, not as I do’ culture
  • Disenchanted team members who feel that their voices are not ever heard
  • High turnover of staff with many citing “my boss” as the reason for departure
  • Strong resistance to change from people in powerful positions

These are all symptoms of underlying problems. It can be further complicated by these people being great at certain areas of their roles (e.g. budgeting) but not so good at management and leadership.

Behaviour that is rewarded gets repeated, so these are all signs of a deeper problem.

What can Red Hot Go do to help?

We take a fresh look at this problem

  • Open and honest exploratory sessions that encourage people to open up
  • A deep examination of the organizational structures that contribute to the problem
  • An objective view on what the problem is and what the underlying causes are
  • A focused set of measures to create change
  • A framework for behaviour change moving forward

Let’s get started

We know that not everyone is comfortable with filling out an online form for discussing sensitive and confidential matters. Although we guarantee confidentiality, you are always welcome to contact Marita directly by email or phone, 0428 401 834.