How do I address inappropriate behaviour in the workplace?

Inappropriate behaviour is a huge issue in the workplace and it is time we took a new approach. It usually starts off in very subtle ways. We hear of bullying and we might imagine a boss standing over a worker being aggressive and rude, but that’s just one possible example on a long spectrum of behaviours. How does it get to that point?

Do any of these behaviours seem familiar?

  • Staff members not talking to each other
  • Deliberate undermining and backstabbing of colleagues
  • Inappropriate jokes being made at someone’s expense
  • Team members that refuse to work with each other

These are the precursors to huge problems within a team. When your staff are trying to deal with problems like these it takes away from their ability to do well at their job. Inappropriate behaviours are urgent issues. Don’t wait until everything comes to head, get onto it right now!

What can we do to help?

Marita’s approach to addressing these issues is a detailed process that will address the underlying problem.

  • Exploratory discussion with the management
  • Outline of ideal outcomes
  • A personal approach to the personal motivators and inhibitors of the individuals involved
  • A review of the organizational structures that exist
  • Personal counselling of individuals involved in the conflict
  • A set of detailed recommendations for change

Don’t just take our word for it!

“We engaged the services of Marita (Red Hot go Enterprises) to assist us with a challenging and sensitive issue.  She was able to facilitate and manage the fluctuating emotions that come from facing HR problems and bring staff to a place where openness and respect is now their own operating framework.  Building on our own organisational values!”

Carita Potts, Ballarat Hospice Care Inc.


Let’s get started

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