What is iWAM?

Red Hot Go uses the Inventory for Work Attitudes and Motivations (iWAM) profiling tool as part of our human resources consulting and recruitment services. iWAM measures and describes 48 motivations and attitudes that impact on a person’s performance at work.

This online questionnaire  identifies an employee’s key motivators, their thinking style, how they deal with change , time and people and how they process information to make decisions, to name just a few..

iWAM and the information it provides is extremely valuable to employers as it can predict, with great accuracy, the specific factors that will really get your people motivated at work and their overall attitude towards work.

Red Hot Go and iWAM can assist organisations to make better use of the human potential in their workforce by recognising each person for their core workplace strengths.

There will be no fish riding bicycles in your organisation after an iWAM consultation!