Marita Ryan

Red Hot Go came into existence when Marita Ryan decided to put her passion for helping people in the workplace, into practice.

Her overall philosophy is simple;

“you only get one shot at this life, make it count.”

With more than 20 years experience in palliative care and ten years in community development, Marita has learnt a number of fundamental life lessons that she continues to live by:

  • Live a life with no regrets. Don’t put off what you want to do – if it’s important to you, find a way to make it happen.
  • It’s never too late to make a change (even if it’s a small one).
  • Do what you’re passionate about. If you don’t know what that is, find out.
  • Notice and embrace opportunities.
  • Laugh a lot and hang out with people with good energy.
  • Be real – be yourself.
  • Be grateful for what you have and share what you can, and
  • Show generosity of spirit.

With these values in her pocket, Marita delved into the rigid world of people development and recruitment. She wanted to make some waves that helped organisations realise that they didn’t have to stand for impersonal service, template solutions and stock-standard workshops devoid of any meaningful human interaction and learning.

Marita has worked extensively across sectors and has consulted across diverse industries, including health, legal, IT, not for profit, financial services and Local, State and Commonwealth Government.

Why Red Hot Go, you ask? Red Hot Go is one of Marita’s favourite phrases – yes, she actually will use it in conversation – her trademark statement is: “If you’re going to have a go, have a red hot go!”  And this is the mantra Marita takes to work with her everyday. Marita takes the work seriously, just not herself.

On any weeknight, when not working, Marita can be found sitting on her favourite (red) sofa next to her husband with Myff, their mini foxie, curled up on her knees.  She’ll be, most likely, watching Masterchef, Jamie’s 15 minute meals or Spice Journey whilst sipping on her latest grape find (currently Riesling), and planning her next gourmet dinner party menu.

Start talking to Marita about Italy, Lake Como or your greatest tagine recipe and you may both forget what you were there to accomplish.

Professional Qualifications:

  • Language and Behaviour Profile (LAB) Consultant March 2011
  • Accredited Trainer of iWAM August 2009
  • Advanced Consulting Skills, Modelling Excellence June 2008
  • Diploma of Coaching March 2008
  • Certified iWAM Practitioner Feb 2008
  • Advanced Practitioner of Coaching June 2007
  • Cert IV in Life Coaching June 2007
  • Cert IV in Training & Assessment May 2007
  • NLP Practitioner Nov 2006
  • Trainers & Public Speaking Skills Program Aug 2006
  • Grad Dip Nursing March 2000


Give Marita at Red Hot Go a call to find out how her values-based approach to finding and keeping great people can help bolster your business.